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Rateable Value Reductions


We can advise you from the outset whether an appeal for a reduction is worthwhile. This advice is free.

We need rental details from you and we research the property at the Valuation Office - we check floor areas, rating history, comparable properties and so on. In most instances we will call out and inspect the property and carry out a rating survey.

We ask you for a written agreement/authority and we then submit an appeal to the Valuation Office. It will usually take at least 9-12 months for the appeal to be listed at the Valuation Tribunal for hearing.  However, we almost always reach an agreement with the Valuation Office beforehand and in the meantime we will update you regularly. If the property is to be merged or split or deleted from the rating list the Valuation Office will deal with this much faster normally.   

If a reduction is agreed with the Valuation Office they tell your local council and they calculate and send you the refund/credit with statements. We then check the refund calculations and invoice you.



Rating Advice / Consultation


There are situations where people require advice to minimise future rates. Frequently in these cases we need to visit the property to advise you properly and we charge a fee fairly representing the work on a time basis. 


Empty Properties


We can offer advice in these circumstances and deal with empty claims.


All empty or unoccupied business properties are exempt from business rates for the first three months and industrial and warehouse properties qualify for a further three months exemption. 

However if the property becomes occupied and then after at least 6 weeks becomes unoccupied the exemption applies again.


If there are changes to your property or in the locality taking place we can apply for a reduction of rates.


For unoccupied properties with a rateable value of less than £2,600 no rates are payable.

Listed buildings and properties owned by charities or sports clubs are also exempt when unoccupied.  

If part of the property is temporarily empty it is possible to obtain a rates reduction. 


Rates Audit


If you have properties with a complicated rating history we can advise on the most favourable method of dealing with these. The calculations of the rates can be complex if properties are partly occupied or have been, or can be split or merged particularly taking into account the impact of transitional adjustments. The variations are literally endless and we can advise on the most cost beneficial steps to take. 


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